2014 Summer Academy Wrapup

  • Good options available when surgery isn’t an option for skin cancerSurgery is the standard of care for most skin cancers, but there are situations where surgery is not feasible or curative. That is where nonsurgical modalities and adjuvant therapies become important. > MORE
  • New options available in cutaneous oncologyTreatment options for cutaneous cancers are advancing rapidly, and some of them were developed specifically for dermal applications while others were pioneered in non-cutaneous settings. Some treatments are well supported with clinical trial data and others rely largely on retrospective studies. > MORE
  • Dermatologists need to work to change physician perceptions of the specialtyDermatology has a perception problem. Some physicians recognize that dermatologists are the experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancers and other dermatologic conditions. Other physicians also see dermatologists as difficult to access, reluctant to see patients in hospitals, and more interested in lucrative cosmetic procedures than in less well-paid medical work. > MORE
  • Patients, parents have environmental concerns about skin productsEnvironmental concerns have added another layer of complexity to dermatologic practice. Parents worried about protecting their children and patients concerned about their own exposure to potentially toxic skin care products could ignore treatment recommendations that affect clinical outcomes. > MORE
  • Biological differences in skin create challenges in treating menMen and women are biologically different, and so is their skin. “In the past, we might have thought that skin is skin and that treating a male patient is no different from treating a female patient,” said Ivan Camacho, MD, voluntary assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “The reality is that there are important differences in the skin of men and women that stem from biology. There are special considerations to keep in mind when we are treating men.” > MORE