2015 Summer Academy Meeting Wrap-Up

August 31

  • Panelists present bleak outlook for future of drug pricesThe worst kept secret in dermatology is that drug prices have skyrocketed, affecting treatment because patients cannot afford treatments that have minimal or no insurance reimbursement. > MORE
  • Fashion photographer exposes, redefines concepts of beautyRick Guidotti, a renowned fashion photographer and advocate for people living with difference, was the guest speaker at the Plenary session during this year's Summer Academy Meeting. Guidotti focused on his innovative organization, Positive Exposure, which advocates for individuals with genetic, cognitive, and/or physical difference, and uses the visual arts to influence perceptions, and impact fields of genetics, human rights, and mental health. > MORE
  • Role of stress in skin disease examinedCan stress cause or intensify the onset of skin disease? That's the question Richard D. Granstein, MD, focused on during the August 20 session “Is Stress Causing My Skin Disease?” (B008). Dr. Granstein is the chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and dermatologist-in-chief at the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. > MORE
  • Diagnostic surprises are unusual, often not recognizedMedical practice is filled with diagnoses that are relatively common and almost never recognized. Dermatology is no different. > MORE
  • Dermatology approaches differ around the worldThe practice of dermatology is not standardized. Practices and education that are common in Europe or Latin America may be relatively unknown in the United States, and vice versa. > MORE
  • Studying dermatology extends beyond dermatology journalsDermatology is served well by an extensive range of basic science and clinical journals. But not all studies that are relevant to dermatologists are published in dermatology journals. The wider world of medical publishing offers a broad array of topics, methods, analyses, and approaches that can inform dermatologic practice. > MORE
  • First-ever interactive simulation workshops prove popularThe Academy's first-ever clinical simulation workshops were a sell-out success in New York. Three hands-on sessions provided one-on-one simulation and feedback in “Medication Management,” “Breaking Bad News,” and “The Difficult Patient.” > MORE