Walter Reed wins Resident Jeopardy championship for 2016!

0315-Resident Jeopardy 1

The team of Shayna Rivard, MD, (left) and Christopher Lowe, MD, won the ‘Resident Jeopardy’ competition.

It’s official — the Skin in the Game team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is the new champion of “Resident Jeopardy!” The popular competition took place March 7, with eight teams. The session is based on the iconic game show Jeopardy and features teams of two from U.S. residency programs who compete by answering questions and assessing core competencies on all things dermatology. The members of this year’s winning team were Christopher Lowe, MD, and Shayna Rivard, MD.

After the meeting, we followed up with the two winners to get first-hand insight on what the hardest question was, and how they evaluated the overall experience.

“I think one of the hardest questions was the Final Jeopardy question regarding bap mutations for uveal melanoma. After we finished, I came home to find that the March edition of JAAD had just arrived with the CME article discussing uveal melanoma — associated with bap1 germline mutations! It was pretty funny, and hopefully will stick in my mind for the board exam!” Dr. Rivard said.

0315-Resident Jeopardy 2Dr. Lowe had a different opinion, saying, “The hardest was a Double Jeopardy question during our first game when we had to identify a spider, but the photo was only about 3mm in size. They modified the question, but I still think we were pretty good at identifying a really tiny picture of a spider. The Final Jeopardy questions were all extremely difficult. I don’t think anyone answered one right all day, which worked out in our favor. We were able to make conservative bets on the Final Jeopardy questions so we didn’t lose many points.”

As for their overall experience, Dr. Rivard said, “I found the experience to be really fun, even though it was a little tiring toward the end! I was really thrilled that we were able to rise from a negative score to rushing the board at the end. Our competitors were extremely nice and smart, so it was nice just to be in their company — testing all of our knowledge. It was really wonderful to have such great faculty making up the questions, which no doubt took a great deal of time. Kudos to San Diego, too, who stepped in last minute as a team; it made for a fun rivalry!”

Dr. Lowe followed up by saying, “The whole experience was great. We didn’t know what to expect going into it, so it was a little nerve-racking at first, but once we answered a few questions, we relaxed and got into a rhythm.”

The session was again directed by David Peng, MD, who said he was pleased with how things went this year, and that the feedback was universally positive.

“Our moderators prepared challenging Jeopardy-style questions, and the teams came prepared. The teams from Yale University, the U.S. Navy, and Arizona really put up a fight, but somehow it seemed appropriate that the ‘home team’ (Walter Reed) took home the prize this year in Washington, D.C.” Dr. Peng said.

Moderator Katy Burris, MD, chimed in adding, “This session is always a lot of fun to prepare and participate in. It is educational for all involved — for the participants as well as the audience — and even the moderators. I certainly find that I always walk out knowing a lot more than when I walked in.”

0315-Resident Jeopardy 3

The Resident Jeopardy moderators (from left): Victoria Sharon, MD; Brittany DeClerck, MD; Katy Burris,, MD; Roopal Kundu, MD; Milan Anadkat, MD; and Michelle Tarbox, MD; and session director, David Peng, MD.

We’d also like to give a shout out to Dr. Peng and the moderators of “Resident Jeopardy”:

  • Milan Anadkat, MD, associate professor and residency training director at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Victoria Sharon, MD, assistant professor, Mohs surgeon and head of the inpatient consultative service at the University of California, Davis
  • Roopal Kundu, MD, associate professor, residency training director, and director of the Northwestern Center for Ethnic Skin at Northwestern University in Chicago
  • Katy Burris, MD, assistant professor with expertise in infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases at North Shore LIJ Health System, Hofstra University
  • Michelle Tarbox, MD, assistant professor at Texas Tech University Health System, and board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist
  • Brittney DeClerck MD, assistant professor at the University of Southern California, and board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist

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