2019 Summer Meeting Dailies

July 27, 2019

  • New DermTales captures hearts through storytellingToday’s culture has a new appreciation for what was once called “the lost art of storytelling.” On Friday, four dermatologists celebrated and added to this tradition, sharing some of the best stories and lessons learned from their careers during the new Plenary addition, “DermTales.” > MORE
  • To the rescue: Lectureship spotlights CCCA hair loss researchPersonal experience counts for a lot and often serves as the motivation for a career choice as an adult. Such was the case for dermatologist Amy J. McMichael, MD, who delivered the Everett C. Fox, MD Memorial Award and Lectureship, “Hair Loss: A Journey of Follicular Rescue” during Friday’s Plenary. > MORE
  • Why augmented intelligence is not “artificial” anymoreNot even a mad scientist would propose we replace our human brains with something artificial. But we can augment what our intelligence has to offer with tools outside the brain, according to Justin Ko, MD, MBA, the chair of the Academy’s Ad Hoc Task Force on Augmented Intelligence (AuI). > MORE
  • Making it stick: New vitiligo research yields promise for lasting resultsFor patients facing a menacing and socially debilitating vitiligo diagnosis, a promising and potentially long-lasting treatment is within reach. John E. Harris, MD, PhD, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, delivered that hopeful update during his Friday Plenary lecture. > MORE
  • Disruption: It’s in our DNAHealth care strategist, CEO, author, inventor, and innovator Nicholas Webb delivered the dynamic address, “The Disruptive Future of Dermatology — The Good News!” during Friday’s Plenary. > MORE
  • Get out your cameras – share your photos now!Today is the last day for the 2019 AAD Summer Meeting social media challenge! The Academy is accepting photo submissions on both Instagram and Twitter where attendees can share pictures of themselves with friends, colleagues, or mentors while at the Summer Meeting. > MORE

July 25, 2019