Panel to discuss residents implementing quality improvement

“Derm Rapid Fire: Putting Residents at the Center of QI Initiatives” (S020) is part of the Academy’s efforts to improve patient outcomes and care processes.

Amanda Fleming Marsch, MD

Residents often take the opportunity to attend this session for a look into the future of dermatology practice and professional growth. Session director Amanda Fleming Marsch, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California San Diego, will moderate a panel discussion over important topics, including identifying measures to mitigate workplace violence, identifying different peer review models and creating systems to review near misses or adverse events, improving patient satisfaction, exploring the role of teledermatology, and implementing QI into everyday clinical practice.

Panelists are comprised of the resident winners of the annual AAD Young Dermatologist Quality Improvement Innovation Award. A dozen speakers who combine dermatology, internal medicine, and emergency medicine perspectives will provide the foundation for the leadership skills professionals will need to optimize patient care and mitigate potential safety issues in the workplace.

“As an approach to improving practice management and quality improvement, we’ll cover issues like online physician reviews, mitigation of workplace violence, and models of peer review,” Dr. Marsch said. “Real life examples of QI in action will provide physicians with a framework for how this can be incorporated into their daily practice.”