Stick around ‘til Tuesday for these powerhouse symposia

When you register for the 2020 AAD Annual Meeting in Denver, make sure to register for the two, important, back-to-back, high-yield symposia on Tuesday, March 24.

First up is “Therapeutic and Diagnostic Pearls” (S065) where attendees can uncover practical and valuable insights on a wide range of diseases and disorders. The panel of speakers will share evidence from peer-reviewed literature as well as results from personal experience. Attendees will come away with pragmatic points that they can incorporate into their practice.

Next up, “What’s New in Dermatology” (S066) will offer attendees the chance to discover the latest developments in dermatology over the last 15 months. This session will review new technologies to assess prognosis in malignant melanoma; review the clinical presentation and tests to identify various infectious diseases; review techniques in dermatologic surgery and cosmetic dermatology; present new developments in pediatric dermatology; and highlight new psoriasis therapies and new topical therapies as well as new vaccines and treatments for our patients.

These symposia will be in the same ballroom, one following the next, so you don’t need to get up and seek out another room. It’s a great way to finish the meeting, and the best Tuesday offering since ‘Til Tuesday wrote “Voices Carry” in 1985. Before you look that up, register for those Tuesday sessions!