2016 Summer Meeting Dailies

Plenary guest speaker: ‘Put others in front of yourselves’

Communities come in many forms and fill many needs. Posting to social media what you ordered for dinner or your opinion about a reality TV show can be a contribution to a “me-based” community. Kevin ... > MORE

From Akron to Harvard: Dermatologist’s path guided by father, other mentors

As a child, Harley Haynes, MD, helped out in his father's dermatology practice in Akron, Ohio. The experience set the tone not only for how he would later practice medicine, but also his regard for ... > MORE

Research has improved care; more advances are on the way

In the past decade, dermatology has been a leader among medical specialties with groundbreaking advances in the treatment of patients with diseases such as melanoma and psoriasis. That growth will ... > MORE

Genetics, hair care practices linked to CCCA

Often thought to be the cause of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), chemical relaxers are not entirely the culprit. For Amy McMichael, MD, the role of hair care practices in the ... > MORE

Novel treatments for eczema hold great promise

The treatment of patients with eczema is on the cusp of a great leap forward thanks to the work of researchers who determined it is a disease of the immune system and identified cytokines as a key ... > MORE

Are you ready to lead? Nominations sought for 2017 AAD election

The American Academy of Dermatology's Nominating Committee is accepting nominees for the 2017 Academy election for officers, directors of the Board of Directors, and Nominating Committee member ... > MORE

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If you're at the 2016 AAD Summer Meeting, then it's a good idea to join the 6,800 other people who follow AAD Meeting News on Twitter (@AADMtgs) to get the latest and most pressing information ... > MORE

Stop by The Connection and the AAD Resource Center

Have a great meeting experience by visiting The Connection and the all-new AAD Resource Center during the 2016 AAD Summer Meeting. With stunning new products, solid benefits, and amazing customer ... > MORE

Download the new AAD Meeting Mobile App

It's back … and better than ever! The AAD Meeting Mobile App has been redesigned for optimum functionality and easier navigation at the 2016 AAD Summer Meeting. Please note that the old AAD Meetings ... > MORE

New Industry Expert Sessions scheduled

Industry Expert Sessions at the 2016 AAD Summer Meeting will provide exhibiting companies the opportunity to present new research on products, detail products, conduct demonstrations, and highlight ... > MORE