March 1

Exciting industry sessions available in Washington, D.C.

Don’t miss out on a variety of Industry Non-CME (INC) Programs, March 1-3, in Washington, D.C. These unique sessions provide exhibiting companies the opportunity to present new research findings, ... > MORE

Hot Topics

The top concerns and interests of AAD members come to the forefront for the session “Hot Topics,” addressing those top-of-mind subjects established by registrant consensus. The presentations and ... > MORE

AAD in D.C.: Dermatology at its finest

If you can, filter out the “noise” of politics for a moment. The truth is, great work can happen in Washington, D.C., exemplified by the quality of education and events that make up this year’s AAD ... > MORE

How to beat bureaucracy-induced burnout

The frustration is real. For many dermatologists, regulatory red tape is the line in the sand. And an equal number of physicians are unwilling to cross it. Mark D. Kaufmann, MD, chief medical ... > MORE

Shaping AI for dermatology

New technologies and techniques are changing melanoma diagnosis and treatment. Noninvasive biopsies, augmented intelligence (AI), novel detection strategies, and other technologies that sound like ... > MORE

Empowering patients in the digital age

In her session, “Patient Empowerment in the Digital Age,” plenary guest speaker Robin Farmanfarmaian will address a host of current breakthroughs in medical technology that are fundamentally changing ... > MORE

AAD’s Plenary speakers offer key insight

This year’s Plenary speakers cover a wide range of topics. Learn more about these seven individuals and what they plan to share in their presentations. Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD Eugene J. Van Scott ... > MORE

Water Cooler

What are you excited to learn or see at the 2019 AAD Annual Meeting? “I’m excited about “Melanoma: The Future is Now.”  It features my melanoma idols such as Dr. Suephy Chen, Dr. Darrell Rigel, ... > MORE

Share your photos on Instagram to win big at the Annual Meeting!

The Instagram Challenge is back! Between Friday, Mar. 1, and Monday, Mar. 4, the @AADmember Instagram account will be hosting a photo challenge where attendees can submit pictures of themselves with ... > MORE