March 2

Dermatology in the safety-net hospital

Safety-net hospitals provide care to those in need. Not surprisingly, dermatology has played a role in treating skin disorders that come through the doors of the nation’s safety-net ... > MORE

Taking action against dietary triggers

Growing numbers of patients and clinicians have implicated dietary triggers in flares and exacerbations of acne, psoriasis, and other common dermatologic conditions. An increasing body of evidence ... > MORE

Exciting industry sessions available in Washington, D.C.

Don’t miss out on a variety of Industry Non-CME (INC) Programs, March 2 and 3, in Washington, D.C. These unique sessions provide exhibiting companies the opportunity to present new research findings, ... > MORE

New emerging therapies offer hope to patients

New treatments and therapies available now and in the near future are bringing new hope to patients diagnosed with a host of skin disorders, including psoriasis, acne, rosacea, hair loss, atopic ... > MORE

Know your patients who identify as LGBT to improve care

People identifying as LGBT face important and unique health issues. Dermatologists can — and should — play an important role in mitigating these issues. In his Friday morning session, “Caring for LGBT ... > MORE

Water Cooler

What is the most exciting clinical development you’ve heard about recently? “I’m interested in the gut-brain-skin connection, particularly advances in the human microbiome. It impacts medicine ... > MORE

Halting the damage to scalp health

Thanks to new options on the horizon, it’s possible to go from “permanent loss” to “hair regrowth” when treating scarring alopecias and achieving follicular rescue in scalp diseases. Amy J. McMichael, ... > MORE

Share your photos on Instagram to win big at the Annual Meeting!

The Instagram Challenge is back! Today and tomorrow, the @AADmember Instagram account will be hosting a photo challenge where attendees can submit pictures of themselves with their friends, ... > MORE