March 3

Early clues to dermatologic diagnosis

Can the classic detective Sherlock Holmes teach dermatologists a thing or two? The answer is yes, according to John E. Wolf Jr., MD, MA, professor and chairman of the department of dermatology at ... > MORE

Share your photos on Instagram to win big at the Annual Meeting!

Today is the last day for the Instagram Challenge! The @AADmember Instagram account will be hosting a photo challenge where attendees can submit pictures of themselves with their friends, colleagues, ... > MORE

Exciting industry sessions available in Washington, D.C.

Today is the last day of Industry Non-CME (INC) Programs in Washington, D.C. These unique sessions provide exhibiting companies the opportunity to present new research findings, conduct ... > MORE

Water Cooler

What have you done to cope with physician burnout? “Physician burnout is something that you have to fight against. The best way to do it is to develop a sense of gratitude. Every day, I go into ... > MORE

Non-transplant alopecia treatments grow in popularity

Three minimally invasive procedures are gaining traction for the management of alopecia. As research continues and evidence mounts, experts discussed three key strategies during Saturday’s “Emerging ... > MORE

Meeting unmet needs: Seeing patients as individuals

Better understanding and representation of the variety of skin colors and structures are needed in clinical studies and treatments. That was the message of the speakers at Saturday’s “Addressing Unmet ... > MORE

Morbidity and mortality conferences can improve safety

Morbidity and mortality conferences (MMC) are a staple in anesthesia and surgery, but rare in dermatology. That difference is dermatology’s loss, said Alice J. Watson, MD, MPH, a dermatologist at ... > MORE

This just in: Latest late-breaking research

Two Saturday afternoon late-breaking sessions put a spotlight on the latest groundbreaking observations in clinical trial research and pediatric clinical studies. These unpublished results offer ... > MORE

Late-breaking research: Suture spacing, hair regrowth, and EMPD

Saturday morning’s “Late-Breaking Research: Basic Science/Cutaneous Oncology/Pathology” (F055) and “Late-breaking Research: Procedural Dermatology” (F056) served as the backdrop to the newest ... > MORE

Knocking down morbidity and mortality in pediatric dermatology

Adverse events are part and parcel of the practice of medicine, including pediatric dermatology. But not all adverse events are created equal. Some are inherent risks of illness and all but impossible ... > MORE